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Welcome to EZiMAS (hereinafter referred to as “this website”), which is owned and operated by EZIMAS COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “EZiMAS”). These terms of use will regulate your use of this website and its subdomains. If you use, By browsing this website or shopping on this website, you will be deemed to have carefully read, fully understood and agreed to abide by all the contents of these Terms of Use and other policies issued by EZiMAS.

For the use of this website

Permission and access to the website

EZiMAS allows you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to enter this site and use it for non-commercial use. Without written permission from EZiMAS, you may not download (except for page storage), change the site or any of the site portion. At the same time, EZiMAS also allows you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable right to create and display a hyperlink to the homepage of this website, as long as the link does not affect EZiMAS, its affiliates, branches or its products or services There are false, misleading, derogatory or other offensive descriptions.

Restrictions on the use of this website

The license in these Terms of Use does not include any of the following rights:
• interfere or attempt to interfere with the operation of this website;
• Avoid any measures taken to prevent or restrict access to any part of this website;
• For any purpose, use any Internet robot program, crawler program or similar way to extract programs or data collection programs to enter this website or its system, or to copy, test or monitor any part of this website, or in any way Copy or evade the browsing structure or display of this website, or obtain or attempt to obtain any materials, documents or materials by methods not specifically provided by this website;
• impose unreasonable or unreasonable overloading on the infrastructure of this website, any system, or the network linked to this website;
• Compile, repackage, disseminate, or otherwise use data existing on or extracted from this website including product information and prices;
• Copy, record, forward, sell, rent, distribute, publish, publish or display any content of this website;
• Modify, download (except for the stored pages), copy, copy or resell the content of this website or any part or derivative parts thereof;
• Copy or download any user’s account information of this website for the benefit of other people or entities;
• Plagiarize or use plagiarism technology to imitate any trademark, logo or other proprietary materials of EZiMAS (including images, text, pages or formats);
• Use EZiMAS’ name, trademark, service mark or logo in any Meta tags or other “hidden text”; or
• Use the EZiMAS logo or other proprietary graphics or trademarks as part of the link without the written permission of EZiMAS.

Without the prior written consent of EZiMAS, the aforementioned actions are expressly prohibited. In the event of unauthorized use of this website, or any part of it, or derivatives thereof, EZiMAS will immediately terminate its permission or authority.

End of use

You agree that EZiMAS can decide at its own discretion without prior or post-event notification, suspending or terminating your browsing of all or part of the content of this website (including access via Facebook link as described below) and your registration or registration on this website “My Account”. Reasons for EZiMAS to make the aforementioned decision to suspend or terminate include but are not limited to: (1) Attempting to browse this website in an unauthorized form or assisting others in attempting to engage in such actions, (2) Attempting to cross or circumvent use or protection Software security measures for any content on the website, (3) Termination or substantial change to this website or any existing services on this website, (4) Violation of these Terms of Use or applicable laws, (5) Shopping but no payment, (6) Suspected Or actually infringes the copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of EZiMAS and/or this website, (7) unforeseen operational difficulties, or (8) requirements of law enforcement or other administrative agencies. You agree that EZiMAS will not be responsible to you or any third party while terminating your browsing of this website.

Intellectual property rights; EZiMAS content; user content
All content on this website, including but not limited to text, articles, drawings, trademarks, user interface, button icons, images, photos, audio clips, video clips, electronic downloads, data editing, and software, these contents are EZiMAS or The exclusive property of suppliers, licensors or content providers (including users who provide content) and is protected by applicable copyright laws. The design, selection, arrangement, coordination and editing of all content on this website are the exclusive property of EZiMAS and are protected by applicable copyright laws. All software used on this website is the exclusive property of EZiMAS or its software suppliers and is protected by applicable copyright laws.


EZiMAS, ezimas.com are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of EZiMAS or its affiliates, suppliers or licensors. Copyright belongs to EZiMAS, its branches, suppliers or licensors. Without the prior written permission of EZiMAS, its applicable branches, suppliers or licensors, no one may use all the above-mentioned trademarks and other trademarks, service marks, drawings of EZiMAS and its branches and their suppliers and licensors on this website , Signs and commercial appearance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any EZiMAS trademark, service mark or trade dress shall not be used for any products or services not related to EZiMAS, and shall not be used in a manner that may cause confusion to the user base or customer base, nor shall it be derogatory or Use in a way that damages the reputation of EZiMAS.


The content on this website and EZiMAS may be provided by third parties. Any opinions, suggestions, statements, services, proposals, materials or other opinions or content (third-party content) published by third parties through this website or used by third parties only represent the personal views of their authors or publishers, and do not represent EZiMAS Or its branches. EZiMAS and its affiliates or third-party providers of content cannot guarantee the validity, accuracy, authenticity, completeness, reliability or availability of such third-party content. The validity, accuracy, truthfulness, completeness, reliability or availability of opinions, suggestions, services, proposals, statements or other third-party content posted on this website or EZiMAS by EZiMAS and its affiliates that are not authorized by EZiMAS No liability is assumed. EZiMAS and its affiliates are not responsible for any third-party content or errors or omissions contained in any third-party content. In any case, EZiMAS, any branch or its employee representatives, employees, directors, shareholders, agents and representatives will not be responsible for any loss caused by third-party content.

Comments and other user content

Where permitted by this website, users or other personnel may submit comments, articles, opinions, contest registration, or other content on this website. Users can also provide or disclose content, ideas or other materials (such as submissions, proposals or disclosed submissions) to EZiMAS through this website. If you choose to submit such content, you must not use the wrong email address, impersonate any other person or entity, or mislead the original content. You agree, represent and ensure that all content you submit to this website is accurate and will not violate these Terms or Conditions of Use, any applicable laws or regulations, or the rights of any third parties, including copyright, trademark, privacy Rights or other personal or proprietary rights will not cause harm to any person or entity. You agree, represent and ensure that you have the right to publish such content to this website, and ensure that all content you publish to this website is authorized or permitted. You further agree, represent and ensure that any content you submit to this website will not contain any defamation, illegal, distorted, misleading, threatening, disruptive, racial discrimination, damage to the reputation of others, violation of the privacy of others, discriminatory , Offensive or obscene, obscene or obscene material, or contains software viruses, political campaigns, business investigations, research or other activities, bound communications, chain letters, advertisements, business proposals, mass mailings or any form of “spam”.

EZiMAS has the right, but not the obligation to supervise, edit, move or cancel any activity, content or opinion on this website. EZiMAS will not always check the content you submit on this website, but has the right to presume that all the content you submit complies with these Terms of Use.

EZiMAS does not have rights and other ownership rights for the content you post on or through this website. However, you agree to do the following when posting, uploading, entering, providing or submitting, disclosing content on this website: (1) You grant EZiMAS, its affiliates, or any of its branches or sublicensees without any need for you or any other The third party compensates for the content you submitted related to business operations (including, but not limited to this website). EZiMAS owns, but is not limited to, transferable, non-exclusive, universal, royalty-free, permanent, irrevocable, fixed rights and licenses to use existing or future developed media in any way, for any purpose, without restriction , Copy, record, publish, disclose, transmit, display (publicly or otherwise), display (publicly or otherwise), publish, reproduce, edit, generate derivative products, translate, re-typeset, own, mark, store, mark, Modify your content. EZiMAS has the right to use and publish content related to your name, portrait or other personal data; and (2) You grant each user of this website a non-exclusive license to browse the content you submitted through this website, and through this The various functions of the website mark, comment, use, reproduce, publish, display and display the content you submitted within the scope allowed by these terms of use. Under applicable laws and regulations, any of your rights related to the submitted content are limited to EZiMAS and its affiliates. You hereby waive such rights, including, but not limited to, copyright, privacy, trademark rights, trade secret rights, patent rights, copyright and moral rights, or respect for the rights of the original work. EZiMAS has the right but not the obligation (1) to keep any content submitted by you confidential (2) any content submitted by you is dedicated to this site (3) any content you submit to you or any person or entity pay any Compensation; or (4) Reply to any content you submitted.

EZiMAS is not responsible for any submitted content. Any opinions, suggestions, statements, services, proposals or other materials posted by users or other persons on this website represent their personal views and do not represent EZiMAS. The user is responsible for identifying the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of all opinions, suggestions, or other materials submitted by customers or other personnel on this website.

EZiMAS will not be liable for any loss caused by third party use (including unauthorized republishing) or misuse of information. EZiMAS will not be liable for any liability or loss caused by the infringement of the copyright or ownership of any content submitted by users or other persons, or any liability or loss caused by any such content. However, if you believe that this website contains content that infringes your copyright, please send an email to webmaster@ezimas.com to contact us.

Important reminder for customers outside Hong Kong: customs matters and local intellectual property

EZiMAS has a large number of products in stock, and this website will frequently update the product catalog. Because EZiMAS customers are all over the world, it is impossible for EZiMAS to always ensure that any products imported and sold are contrary to local exclusive distribution rights or violate local laws.

EZiMAS is committed to ensuring that all products sold are genuine and legal. However, due to the influence of customs regulations, local copyright and trademark rights, some products displayed on this website are not allowed to be sold in all countries, even if they are not In the restricted United States, some products are prohibited from being sold.

By making purchases through this website, you agree that the purchase and the importation of these products comply with the laws of the country where you request EZiMAS to transport these products, including customs regulations, copyright and trademark laws, and you will be deemed to agree to These products are shipped to your country. You acknowledge and agree that EZiMAS is only responsible for providing product services in Asia or other regions, and shipping the products you purchased in Hong Kong to your country through this website. In areas outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, involving the import and promotion of products on the website, EZiMAS has nothing to do with the imported goods under any circumstances (including, but not limited to the content of this website and the use of opinions), nor Undertake the relevant responsibilities arising from any national laws and regulations, customs regulations, customs detention of goods, seizure of goods and product trademark property rights.
When shopping through this website, customers outside Hong Kong agree that EZiMAS will arrange customs clearance for the orders placed on its behalf.

This website is controlled, operated and managed by EZiMAS (or its licensee or agent). This website is located in Hong Kong and is not restricted by the legal jurisdiction of any region or country other than Hong Kong law. EZiMAS does not represent or ensure the applicability or availability of this website or other parts to jurisdictions outside Hong Kong. Users need to choose to browse this website and bear the risks arising therefrom. In addition, users must comply with all local regulations, rules, regulations, rules and other laws. EZiMAS can limit the availability of this website, and at any time has the discretion to choose all or part of the personnel, region and jurisdiction.