Return Refund Policy

The company will ensure the quality and integrity of all commodities, and try its best to provide sufficient protection so that the commodities are completely delivered to users. If the product is found to be damaged, deteriorated or expired, EZiMAS will replace the product or arrange a refund. (Except express pork jerky paper. Due to product characteristics, it is easier to crack during delivery.) If the delivery product is found to be wrong or not on your shopping list, we will also arrange to replace the product or arrange a refund. Note for return: The returned product must be returned to its original state, that is, it must be returned to the original state when you received the product (including accessories, internal and external packaging, gifts, event gifts, etc.)
The following circumstances may affect your return authorization: * Without affecting your inspection of the product, you will damage the product packaging, remove the seal, remove the tag, remove the glue or remove the label, etc. * Before you receive the product, it has been Provide you with the opportunity to check the goods. * Other necessities that may be attributable to the inspection or may be blamed on you, resulting in damage, loss or alteration of the product.
Please pack the returned goods properly in a packing carton. If the original carton is lost, please use another carton to cover the original packaging of the product. Do not stick paper or write text directly on the packaging. If the packaging is damaged, the product cannot be returned or the damage fee must be deducted from the refund.
When you apply for a return, please take the initiative to obtain the documents from the shipping staff and keep it until the return is completed for future enquiries.