Payment Method

For the convenience of customers, EZiMAS plans to provide the following multiple payment methods on this website. Please note that the following payment methods are not valid at all times. You agree to bear any costs or expenses incurred in using any payment method.

If you choose to use PayPal for payment, please read the user agreement of the PayPal service carefully before use. You must abide by the user agreement of the PayPal service and not enforce your rights and obligations with these Terms of Use. You will bear the costs incurred by using PayPal payment methods to third parties, not EZiMAS. You agree to bear any costs or expenses incurred by using the purchase (including any applicable taxes). Your payment will be deemed valid unless you notify EZiMAS within sixty days of being informed of the deviation in PayPal status. If EZiMAS has not received your payment, you will bear all the costs incurred by EZiMAS or PayPal.

For customers in Hong Kong, EZiMAS provides payment methods for bank transfer to EZiMAS bank account or cash on delivery. For details, please see, “Customer Inquiry-About Payment”. Any handling fee incurred by bank transfer or cash on delivery, including the handling fee for transfer to EZiMAS bank account, shall be borne by the customer.

Unless expressly stated on this website, EZiMAS does not accept any payment method other than the above payment methods. If EZiMAS offers or accepts any other payment method, you should agree to all restrictions, terms and conditions related to these other forms of payment.

You need to pay various government taxes for shopping, including but not limited to consumption tax or value-added tax. EZiMAS will collect and deduct the tax required for the order and deliver it to the relevant tax department.
EZiMAS does not bear any losses due to exchange rate fluctuations

EZiMAS is located in Hong Kong and uses Hong Kong payment channels for credit card transactions. EZiMAS or this website are not responsible for additional transaction fees charged by some banks or credit card companies in overseas transactions and transactions in mainland China. Please check the overseas transaction fees with the bank or credit card company.

Product description and price
product description

The products listed on this website may include descriptions provided directly by the publisher, manufacturer or distributor of such products. EZiMAS does not make any representations or guarantees regarding the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of any product descriptions listed on this website. If you purchase a different product from EZiMAS than described on this website, the only compensation method for you should be to return the original product without using it, and EZiMAS will refund the amount corresponding to those products.

EZiMAS is dedicated to displaying the colors of products on this website as accurately as possible. However, because the actual colors you see are determined by your computer monitor, EZiMAS cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors displayed by your computer monitor.


EZiMAS can only finalize the product price when you actually order. Between the time the product is put in the shopping bag and the actual purchase, the price of the product may increase or decrease. At the same time, although EZiMAS has done its best, the prices of some products listed on this website may be wrongly identified. If the product price label on this website is wrong, and the actual price is higher than the price you listed at the time of purchase, EZiMAS will have the right to (a) contact you before delivery and explain to you or charge you at the actual price of the product , Or (b) cancel the order for the product and notify you of the cancellation of the product.

EZiMAS reserves the right to cancel any product order that has been incorrectly priced, reduced, or contains other incorrect information, or has been mistyped, or invalid for any reason. Regardless of whether your order has been confirmed or you have paid, EZiMAS has the right to cancel such order. If you have paid for the order, EZiMAS will refund the payment to your credit card account.